Alumni Clubs

Alumni Clubs are formed to advance and establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association and its alumni and friends by providing an avenue for alumni to continue connections with the Alumni Association. Clubs of the Association can fall into several categories: college/department-based, organization-based, affinity-based and region-based.

Child and Adolescent Studies Alumni Club (CASAC)

  • Facilitates networking of CAS alumni working with or on behalf of children, adolescents, and families in diverse settings through activities and events
  • Identifies and coordinates opportunities to promote personal and professional development and life-long connections 
  • Supports alumni-department collaboration on scholarly activities to advance understanding and application of current research findings
  • Showcases alumni success to celebrate the accomplishments of CAS graduates and inspire commitment to the well-being of children, adolescents, and families


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President's Scholars Alumni Club (PSAC)

The general purpose of the PSAC shall be to create opportunities for social interaction and professional development.

  • To be a positive reflection of the Association and of CSUF, by inspiring and assisting students (specifically, the President’s Scholars) through professional networking and social interactions.
  • To be a resource for CSUF faculty and staff by providing valuable experience and feedback.
  • To enhance the University’s prestige amongst the community at large by portraying and advocating the unparalleled education acquired from CSUF.
  • To promote economic growth for members by creating exposure and networking opportunities


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