Sigma Pi Fraternity


The ΣΠ (Sigma Pi) Fraternity Alumni Club’s mission is to provide leadership, training, guidance and innovative opportunities for leadership development, social and personal development, academic achievement, community service and heightened moral awareness for its alumni and undergraduate membership of Cal State Fullerton.


  • To assist with strengthening and promoting the educational experience and value of Sigma Pi Fraternity with the alumni and undergraduates of Cal State Fullerton and its community
  • To serve as a vehicle of communication between the individual alumni, the Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association and the University
  • To promote the professional image and values of college fraternities
  • To continue to endow local, educational scholarships, while distributing financial support to worthy undergraduate members in search of heightened educational experiences
  • To foster strong links between present and former Sigma Pi members, and to create mentoring opportunities for current chapter membership
  • To offer opportunities for professional networking
  • To facilitate social interaction and peer support among the members of the association
  • To be a positive reflection of both Sigma Pi Fraternity and Cal State Fullerton


Sigma Pi alumni Club Officers

David De Filippo ’92, President

Larry Rovira ’85, Vice President

Ed Gogin, Jr. ’82, Secretary