“TAG” GRANT 2017-2018


The Office of Alumni Engagement will award grants of up to $2,500 to CSUF Alumni Clubs and college-based efforts supported by the dean’s office. Programs should support any or all of the following:

  • Increase student participation in activities and services that link degree, career, and community. (CSUF Goal 1)
  • Increase participation in efforts that support underrepresented student persistence and achievement (CSUF Goal 2)
  • Increase awareness of civic and regional economic development opportunities (Advancement Goal 2)


Programmatic categories for consideration include:

  • College Weeks: alumni participation in college week
  • Innovative programs: new initiatives to create student-alumni interaction
  • Existing programs: to enhance or expand alumni participation with students
  • 2017-2018 CSUF 60th Anniversary Celebrations that promote student and alumni engagement


  • Complete the online TAG Grant Application - TitansAcrossGenerations Opens in new window
  • Download and submit a detailed project budget. This budget should outline and explain all of your anticipated expenses. Please include other expenses and sources of revenue related to the project. The budget must include reasonable cost estimates. The budget template can be downloaded at TAGbudget Opens in new window
  • Include a letter of support from a University staff member who will help coordinate the project with University efforts. If a University department/program is submitting the application, a letter of support from an appropriate student leader or alumni leader should be submitted
  • The letter and completed budget should be emailed to saa@fullerton.edu Opens in new window )


  • Any organization requesting funds must be officially recognized by the appropriate University entities (e.g. Student Life & Leadership for student organizations, the CSUF Alumni Association for alumni clubs, etc.)
  • TAG Grant funds are state funds and must be spent according to the California Budget Act
  • Funds may not be used for
    • alcoholic beverages, tobacco products
    • donations
    • scholarships/awards
    • salaries/stipends
    • political candidates or ballot initiatives
    • food where only university staff are present
  • Expenditures must comply with all state, CSU, and CSUF guidelines, restrictions and policies, including the university's Presidential Directive No. 11 policy. The D11 policy can be found at finance.fullerton.edu/Procurement/Directive11
  • A member of Alumni Association Board and a member of the Student Alumni Ambassadors must be invited to attend the event. Attendance by a member of the board or SAA is not guaranteed, but will be confirmed based on availability
  • A project previously receiving a TAG Grant will not be considered for further funding, but the organization will be considered if a new project is presented
  • Projects should be connected to a university department (e.g. the Dean’s office for ICC programs, academic departments or programs for alumni clubs, etc.). A brief letter of support from the departmental contact should accompany the application
  • A member of the planning team must meet with a member of the Alumni Engagement staff before the grant is awarded
  • Funded projects must commit to recognize the Office of Alumni Engagement and the Student Success Initiative as part of the project by including name/logo on marketing materials
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit a final report to the Office of Alumni Engagement at the end of each year of funding prior to the end of the fiscal year. Portions of this report may be shared with the University Student Fee Advisory Committee as ongoing evaluation for the Student Success Initiative funding
  • Failure to submit a final program report may result in denial of future grant funding and/or the revocation of second year funding for Innovation Grants


Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  1. Effectiveness with achieving the goals stated in the application
  2. Impact on participants:
    1. Both the breadth of exposure (number of participants) and the depth of interaction will be considered when evaluating proposals. Every effort should be made to maximize both for the alumni and students who participate
    2. Preference will be given to proposed projects that affect more than one college or area of campus
  3. Efficient use of resources:
    1. While the Office of Alumni Engagement does not ban the use of TAG funds for food and non-alcoholic beverages, reviewers will consider the proportion of the overall event budget that would be spent on refreshments, and whether the event would be equally successful without refreshments
    2. Groups that seek and/or receive funding from multiple sources will be given preference
    3. Only the strongest proposals demonstrating the greatest impact will be funded. Groups that submit proposals that are not funded will be given suggestions for improving them for future application periods
  4. Facilitation of new programs:
    1. Strong consideration will be given to proposals for new projects that create programs for the enhancement of academics, extracurricular activities, student life, and/ or community involvement at CSUF


Applications will be available beginning May 15, 2017. They will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all funds are distributed with no applications being accepted after September 1, 2017. Expenses for which grant funds will be used must be incurred by May 1, 2018.

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