Alumni House Legacy Tiles

Titans and friends, leave your legacy, celebrate milestones, or honor someone special with a unique customizable tile. Each tile can be inscribed with your personal message and will be showcased on the outside wall of the Golleher Alumni House.

Alumni Tile Wall

Celebrate a graduation, birthday, anniversary, retirement, or milestone.

Honor a family member, mentor, friend or classmate.

Inspire others with your unique perspective.

If you don't have finalized text, there is an opportunity to provide your final text prior to production. A staff member will get in touch with you to secure final inscription text. However, secure your tile today!

Single Tile Example

Tile Campaign layout and details


Cost: $500
(100% tax-deductible gift)

Size: 10” x 10”

Character limit: 10 lines, 20 characters per line 

Submissions received by March 1, 2023 will be installed during the summer

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Additional Information

  • Tile placement will be determined by the Office of Alumni Engagement.
  • Messages containing websites, phone numbers, social media handles, and/or manifestos are not permitted.
  • Discriminatory, political, offensive or unsuitable messages as determined by California State University, Fullerton will be declined.
  • California State University, Fullerton reserves the right to decline inscriptions for any reason.
  • Should your inscription require revision, you will be contacted for assistance in submitting an alternative inscription.
  • All materials subject to change based on final architectural design. The duration of the tile installation shall be equivalent to the useful life of the materials and facility.
  • The tile acknowledges the donor(s) generous philanthropy and good citizenship.
  • The public affiliation with the donor(s) name enhances the reputation of the university and inspires others to make philanthropic investments for the benefit of the university’s educational mission.
  • Should circumstances change in a manner that such affiliation would cause harm to the reputation of the university, the university president may request that the Board of Trustees exercise its authority to rescind tile installation.
  • The donor(s) may revoke the university’s right to use the name at any time.