Dinner with 12 Titans | Saturday, March 13 - Monday, March 15, 2021


Our signature program Dinner with 12 Titans (D12) brings students and alumni around the table over a shared Titan experience. While traditionally, our alumni host in-person meals at restaurants or in their own homes, we've adapted our program to keep our students and alumni connected while observing social distancing practices. This year, D12 is going virtual.

Dinner with 12 Titans

Here are the changes we implemented this year:

  • We're exclusively hosting D12's online over Zoom Opens in new window  

  • Hosts will choose the date and time, as well as provide information about their professional and academic history so students can determine the host that can best answer their questions

  • Students can sign up to join up to three (3) hosts to join around the table

  • Hosts and students from around the world are encouraged to participate

  • Space is limited to provide all participants a chance to directly interact with one another

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Whether you are 3 or 30 years out from CSUF, your experience, advice, and stories are sought after by our students. Current students are always curious to learn what the transition was like post-college. They typically ask questions about how you navigate the professional world. They are seeking to discover their paths, and hearing your stories could help them. What do you say, alumni? Connecting with current students is now easier than ever.

As a host, let us know when your availability, tell us a little bit about yourself, and what student population you think you can help the most by sharing your personal story. From there, we'll take care of the rest by setting up the Zoom, sending information to students, and sending out reminders. As the virtual host via Zoom, we ask that all hosts have the ability to have their camera on.  

Spring 2021 Host registration is now closed. If you have questions about hosting in the future or other volunteer opportunities, please contact Justine Budisantoso at jbudisantoso@fullerton.edu Opens in new window .


Students! take the step to meet with folks outside of the class. While guests in class, panels, and workshops are great, Dinner with 12 is offering you a more casual setting to ask your questions and get connected with Titans in industry.

Worried about changing majors? Not sure where to start looking for a job? Feeling lost on how to develop those networks? Ask our hosts! While they might be these people that seem so sure in their career, they were once a college student too and can share with you some stories on how they navigated this period in life.

Interested and want to learn more? Contact the Student Alumni Ambassadors at saa@fullerton.edu Opens in new window . We'll connect you with one of our past attendees or advisor to share more about the program. 

Seats will be limited so make sure to follow @CSUFSAA Opens in new window for the latest updates when registration opens.

“Give it a shot! You loose nothing from knowing other people and connecting with other classmates.”
– Participant from Fall 2020 (Virtual D12)
“It is a very valuable experience, even if you don't feel like talking a lot”
– Participant from Fall 2020 (Virtual D12)
“In life we learn best from our own experience. Dinner with 12 Titans is like taking a short cut to a lesson they’ve already learned.”
– Participant from Fall 2020 (Virtual D12)
“Virtual Dinner for 12: all of the career advice, no anxiety.”
– Participant from Fall 2020 (Virtual D12)
“Grateful to have been able to grow my network through D12. My host offered to help me in any way he could to get me connected to others as well.”
– Participant from Fall 2020 (Virtual D12)
“In all of life I've made an effort to remember the joys. This event is one of those joys.”
– Host: Curtis Buck ’77
“You only need an open heart to host.”
– Host, MaryLouise Hlavac ’80
“This Covid-19 era Dinner With 12 Titans had to be virtual, but it still had the hallmarks of the traditional event: great dialogue, sharing advice and bonding over common dreams”.
- Host, Darren Jones ’91
“We forget how hard it was to find our bearings when we graduated from Cal State Fullerton, and the world has changed exponentially this year. This was an opportunity to connect with students and graduates who might an extra word of encouragement or affirmation to reassure them that they are indeed going to be OK.”
- Host, Darleene Powell ’02
“Of all my volunteer affiliations, my association with Cal State Fullerton is the most gratifying. And D12 is certainly one of the reasons why. I have hosted over five D12 Dinners, meeting numerous students from all walks of life; making friendships, providing guidance and a break from the rigors of college life. Host one. You'll love it! I guarantee it!”
- Host, Paul Carter ’92