Dinner with 12 Titans Hosting

We’re excited that you are interested in hosting! D12 is designed to be as rewarding for hosts as it is for students.

You only need to sign up to host, specifying all hosting preferences, and organize the dinner itself. The Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association will take care of the logistics, including marketing to students, helping arrange carpools, and facilitating communication between students and hosts. You are responsible for dinner costs but will receive in-kind gift credit to a designation of choice for all documented dinner expenses.

You do not need to host everyone around a formal dinner table. These gatherings can be as formal or as casual as you like and can take place in your home, outdoors, or at a restaurant. Dinners can range from a catered affair to a backyard barbecue. As the host, you get to decide on all details, co-hosts, number of guests, and the menu. Students will arrive wearing anything from business casual attire to Titan gear and be a little nervous about going to a stranger’s home.

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To host a D12 dinner, you don't need to be a Julia Child or a Martha Stewart, you only need a ready smile, extended hand, and a willingness to share your time with fellow Titans, and have fun!
- Rochelle Franke ’08